Vinted, a platform targeted by a wave of scams, claims to have “mastered” the problem


Scams have targeted certain accounts of members of Vinted, an online second-hand clothing sales platform, which assured Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Friday March 24 that the victims would be compensated and that she now had “under control” the problem.

“We recently blocked access to the accounts of several of our members, due to an incident in which fraudulent access to these accounts was observed”, a spokesperson for the Lithuanian company told AFP. The newspaper The Parisian had revealed on Thursday that the electronic purses of hundreds of users had been siphoned off by hackers, in particular via a request for a change of contact details on Vinted, by SMS or telephone call.

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Planned compensation

“The connection information used (usernames, passwords, etc.) was obtained from data consulted elsewhere outside the platform and not linked to Vinteddefended the platform to AFP on Friday. Additionally, we can confirm that credit card details are not fully visible when accessing the account. »

The victims “will be eligible for compensation in the event of money lost on their Vinted wallet”, said the company again, without specifying the number of members affected or assessing the damage suffered. Contacted by AFP, the platform was unable to specify from which countries the members targeted by these scams were.

Vinted, founded in 2008 in Lithuania, employs 1,500 people and its platform has more than 65 million users, according to figures from June 2022.

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