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On the set of “Strange Way of Life”, medium-length film by Pedro Almodóvar supported by Saint Laurent Productions with Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal, dressed by Anthony Vaccarello.

“Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello presents…” When this sentence appeared at the opening of the credits of Strange Way of Life, by Pedro Almodóvar, screened to the press on May 3, in Paris, a voice was raised: ” Saint Laurent ? But we got the wrong room! » The medium-length film was however co-produced by Saint Laurent Productions, the first film production company created by a luxury brand.

On May 17, in Cannes, the Spanish filmmaker will climb the steps alongside Anthony Vaccarello, artistic director of the house of Saint Laurent, to unveil this feverish western in a special screening. Thirty-one minutes recounting the reunion, in 1910, of two sheriffs, played by Ethan Hawke and Pedro Pascal, twenty-five years after their first kiss. Strange Way of Life should then be released in theaters on August 16, defended by Pathé, Pedro Almodóvar’s usual distributor in France.

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El Deseo, the director’s production house, had already been approached for the first time by the Saint Laurent teams. “We didn’t have anything tangible at the time, but we stayed in touch, and we finally came back to them with this scenario, certifies Agustín Almodóvar, general manager of El Deseo and brother of the filmmaker. We are used to producing alone and according to our good will. We must therefore confess that we had a little fear of bringing another party on board. Pedro’s artistic freedom, essential, had to be guaranteed. But we had nothing to regret: Saint Laurent was a perfect partner. » The script focusing as much on the dressing as the undressing of the heroes, the costumes created by Anthony Vaccarello have an important role.

For a decade

For Saint Laurent Productions, Strange Way of Life is just a start. In Cannes, the company will also show Phoney wars. Or twenty minutes signed Jean-Luc Godard. New and unfinished fragments of a film on which the Franco-Swiss was working just before his death, in 2022. Saint Laurent Productions will also collaborate with David Cronenberg and Paolo Sorrentino.

“The directors chosen so far have produced dark films, sometimes controversial, in the good sense of the term, defends artistic director Anthony Vaccarello. In a world where everything is getting smoother and smoother, I wanted to give a voice back to artists who have a real purpose, a vision that may not be in tune with the times but which reflects a real personality. » Saint Laurent can afford it. Driven by the success of its bags – which represent 72% of sales, its CEO, Francesca Bellettini, told the site a year ago. The Business of Fashion –, the Kering group company achieved 3.3 billion euros in turnover in 2022.

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