Gallery selection: Virginie Barré at Loevenbruck


It’s a welcome parenthesis in the gloom: the exhibition by Virginie Barré (born in 1970), “We in life”, is a hymn to the joys of childhood, a cure for youth. His latest short film, Our bodies are riverswhich is its beating heart, takes after Jacques Demy andAlice in Wonderland. A trapdoor opens in the real and here is a band of druids and druidesses gone in rounds and wanderings on the shore. The beach at Trouville and its spa treatments glide gently towards dreams, water and bodies enter into dialogue. This joyful communion continues through the objects staged in the exhibition: so many sketches for the musical The Ladies’ Beach, a feature film that the artist has been preparing for four years. Wreaths of artichoke seeds, landing nets full of pistils, pastel moons, egg or paper necklaces made up with her two daughters: we can’t wait to see this young lady’s film one day, who takes advantage of things so beautifully.

“We in life”. Loevenbruck Gallery, 6, rue Jacques-Callot, Paris 6e. Until April 8, Tuesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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