Gallery selection: Anita Molinero at Christophe Gaillard, Virginie Barré at Lœvenbruck


  • Anita Molinero
    Christophe Gaillard Gallery
“La Louise” (2022), concrete, bronze, exhaust pipes.

With exhaust pipes, Anita Molinero makes a giant spider, daughter of those of Louise Bourgeois, to whom she thus pays homage. With sneakers, breast prostheses, various types of resins, dried color crusts, scaffolding joints and a few other debris, she gives birth to fragments of human anatomy. These pieces, slightly morbid or cheerfully erotic, make up a cabinet of curiosities of today. The artist deploys an equally contemporary installation in the main room of the gallery: glazed telephone booths and, inside, these twisted and perforated volumes that she obtains by working with a blowtorch on plastic garbage cans. You can see the larvae of monsters still captive in a laboratory, the traces of an urban riot or vanitas on a human scale. The installation was to be placed in the courtyard of the National Assembly, but it scared the institution. Philippe Dagen

“Louise’s Tears”, Christophe Gaillard Gallery, 5 rue Chapon, Paris 3e. Tuesday to Friday 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. Until April 29.

  • Virginie Barre
    Loevenbruck Gallery
“Simone” (2017), resin and fabric by Virginie Barré at Lœvenbruck.

Virginie Barré’s exhibition is a hymn to the joys of childhood, a cure for youth. His latest short film, Our bodies are rivers, is its beating heart. It takes from Jacques Demy and Alice in Wonderland. A trapdoor opens in the real, and here is a merry band of druids and druidesses left in rounds and wanderings on the shore. The beach at Trouville and its spa treatments slide gently towards dreams, water, and the bodies enter into dialogue. This joyful communion continues through the objects staged in the exhibition: so many sketches for the musical The Ladies’ Beach, a feature film that the artist has been preparing for four years. Wreaths of artichoke seeds, landing nets full of pistils, pastel moons, egg or paper necklaces made with her two daughters: we can’t wait to see this young lady’s film one day, who takes advantage of things so beautifully. Emmanuelle Lequeux

We in life. Loevenbruck Gallery, 6, rue Jacques Callot, Paris 6e. Until April 8.


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