Does the monochrome hold up well?


Silhouette Soeur, spring-summer 2023 collection.

Beneath its smooth and tidy airs, the unique color played in a total look expresses all the radicalism of which fashion is capable. It is not a question here of a white dress with matching shoes (to be left to the brides), but of beige, burgundy, navy blue, khaki, the deep indigo of raw denim or a terracotta brown, worn in the same shade – or in a light monochrome – from head to toe. The underlying idea is to create the illusion of a uniform without falling into the ease of the shape of a suit or a set of overalls and overalls.

As if the monochrome were another category of clothing, it is the color assumed in its repetition which expresses the singularity of the style and the elegance of the silhouette. Since it’s a fairly strong and daring aesthetic bias, this monochrome works when it comes to enhance the most classic pieces of the wardrobe (trench coat, wide cotton canvas pants, shirt, gladiator sandals, boots or derbies), not a sweatshirt -leggings-sneakers. To avoid also, neon or primary colors way color block, too dated. The balance must be found between sobriety and visual impact.

Silhouette of the spring-summer 2023 collection (photo) of Sister.

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