Between Hilona Gos and Julien Bert, a case of domestic violence in the spotlight of reality TV


VSHer readers, a word of warning. If you have no idea who Hilona Gos, Julien Bert, Illan or Bastos are, better hang in there. For more than ten years, these star actors of reality TV (“The Angels”, “The Rest of the World”, “The Battle of the Clans”, etc.) have made their lives a soap opera in real time, of their couple a business, their motherhood a business. An overexposure of the intimate to keep its thousands, even millions of followers, and thus ensure its financial ease. Now a small revolution has just broken out, scratching the already lackluster veneer of this universe trapped in its notoriety.

On February 26, Hilona Gos (1.8 million Instagram subscribers) revealed on YouTube, in a thirty-seven-minute video (4.7 million views), the psychological and physical violence that her ex allegedly inflicted on her. – life and TV companion Julien Bert, with whom she formed a couple goals (a perfect couple “) since 2019. She also accuses him of owing him nearly 80,000 euros, while their joint cosmetics business is in liquidation, as well as unpaid rent. Julien Bert responded, in tears, denying any violence. Hilona, ​​in a second video, released audios where he admitted, among other things, to having strangled her.

The case could end there. But other behemoths of reality TV and influence, such as Bastos or Aurélie Dotremont (ex-girlfriend of Julien Bert), have positioned themselves in favor of the young woman. We knew, we suspected, we should have acted, strength to her. This story of domestic violence was immediately erected on social networks as an example of the damage caused by “toxic masculinity”, “narcissistic perverts”, and more broadly the “phenomenon of control”. Counter psychology certainly, but which reveals a malaise on the model of the couple displayed in this type of program, watched mainly by adolescents.

Video montages of Internet users, and a thread by journalist Constance Villanova, dissected sequences of programs over several years depicting the meeting, the request for engagement, the violent arguments and the separation. These montages interpret the unsaid and the mechanics of this toxic relationship. In the show “Le Reste du monde”, in 2021, Hilona Gos is presented as fragile and hysterical, dependent on her lover; Julien Bert as a jovial and reasonable type, overwhelmed by the excessive reactions of his companion. In the light of Hilona Gos’ accusations, these images thus take on a whole new dimension, and underline the perversity of production making money out of a problematic situation, which she disguises to generate audience. Passionate love is so romantic.

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