what to remember from the interview with the President of the Republic


Emmanuel Macron explains that he opened “the door to train Ukrainian pilots”

The Head of State is first questioned by Gilles Bouleau on Ukraine, the day after his exchange with the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky.

“France’s strategy is simple, to help Ukraine to resist, to organise, when it chooses, a counter-offensive in order to be able to bring everyone back to the negotiating table, and under conditions that it will have chosen ones and build a lasting peace for her”, explains Emmanuel Macron. He recalls that France was the first “to deliver light tanks”.

However, the president did not wish to detail the answers given to Volodymyr Zelensky’s requests. “From the start, I have been very careful not to, if I may say so, weaken our Ukrainian friends. But we decided to deliver new ammunition. We have also and above all decided to build with the Ukrainians, in the east of the country, elements to train their troops, form battalions which will be in charge of leading the counter-offensive, resisting and repairing vehicles, cannons. Because that’s also what Ukraine needs. »

The president explains that he opened “the door to train pilots”without giving further details. “Training can start now”underlines Emmanuel Macron, stressing that they could be carried out with “the European countries that are ready for it”. “I believe that discussions are underway with the Americans”he said.


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