The parliamentary channel deprograms the intervention of activist Kemi Seba, accused of being a relay of Russian propaganda


Franco-Beninese political activist Kemi Seba, in Paris, June 26, 2020.

The French parliamentary channel LCP has decided to deprogram a program scheduled for Sunday March 12 evening with the Franco-Beninese political activist Kemi Seba, accused by some of being a relay of Russian propaganda.

This decision follows “discussions” with the deputy Renaissance, Thomas Gassilloud, also chairman of the National Defense and Armed Forces Committee of the National Assembly, announced the public service channel on Twitter.

“I simply played the role of whistleblower”, Thomas Gassilloud told Agence France-Presse (AFP). LCP wants to make a series on Africa and give the floor “to everyone to bring different points of view”he explained.

Kemi Seba, who notably denounces the “neocolonialism” Western powers in Africa, was interviewed by Yves Thréard on the program “Les Grands Entretiens”, a twenty-eight-minute magazine which was to be broadcast at 11:30 p.m.

The problem is that Kemi Seba “is not a mere political activist”insisted Mr. Gassilloud, accusing the person concerned of being a “Russian propaganda relay” and serve “a foreign power that fuels anti-French sentiment”. The MP mentioned the difficulty of giving the floor to as many people as possible in a democracy without being the relay of ill-intentioned people. “In addition to speech, intentionality must be taken into account”did he declare.

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He promises to make the show public

Kemi Seba, also president of the NGO Pan-Africanist Emergencies, has promised to make the program public on Monday. “The show is on my hard drive, it will appear tomorrow”, he claimed on Twitter.

“When the head of AQIM is interviewed by France 24, do you mind, dear settlers? When Zemmour is invited everywhere to spit his hatred of blacks and Arabs, does that bother you either? But when I speak in your media, is it the END OF TIMES? You are afraid “, he also launched on the social network.

The programming of Kemi Seba on LCP had aroused many indignant comments, in particular from Nathalie Loiseau, European deputy and former minister in charge of European affairs.

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