The “Monde” lifestyle selection: city flip-flops, sunny bags, sailor’s chair…


Lemon-scented water to splash yourself with freshness, city flip-flops in all leather, like these two “second chance” bags that are more beautiful than new, a natural wine called Bavardages, a fried chicken burger raised in Normandy…

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On the cobblestones, the flip-flop

From left to right and from top to bottom, Renee flip-flops, in leather, Aeyde, €225;  Paz flip flops, in openwork leather, Chloe × Eres, €590;  Triomphe flip-flops, in leather and tone-on-tone logo, Celine by Hedi Slimane, €490;  Croc-effect leather flip-flops, Toteme, €280.

A priori far from the standards of elegance, the flip-flop evokes a casual, even neglected outfit. Offering a breath of fresh air to the toes after months of tidiness, it provides a feeling of freedom. To preserve this idea of ​​comfort without jeopardizing the style, many luxury houses and designers decline the classic two-strap shape in city and luxury versions. Smooth, nude leather at Aeyde, crocodile print at Toteme, adorned with a raised logo at Celine or openwork in English embroidery at Chloé for its collaboration with Eres… Anything goes to offer an alternative to the famous flip-flop. colored plastic brazilian.

The sun rain

Eau de Rochas Citron Soleil, Rochas.

Who does not remember somewhere in their memory a summer memory linked to Eau de Rochas, this fresh and chypre fragrance? Acclaimed since its creation, in 1970, by connoisseurs of perfume as well as by consumers, it is distinguished by its unique mineral freshness, the evocation of crystalline spring water flowing over rocks. It is no coincidence that, until the early 1980s, it was called Eau de Roche. This year, Rochas dares to shake up the myth and take a step to the side by offering with Citron Soleil, a new eau de toilette that evokes the Riviera, its lively lemons, fig leaves and orange blossoms enveloped in an aquatic breeze. . Fans of the seventies fragrance may not be convinced, but fans of invigorating colognes are sure to appreciate the juice as well as its neon yellow pop bottle.

Eau de Rochas Citron Soleil, Rochas, €81.50 for 100 ml.

Bags oh the hand!

Founded by Flavien Dias in the early 1980s, in Graulhet (Tarn), the Cordiz workshop, specializing in the manufacture of leather pieces, quickly became a brand of leather goods, reflecting the craftsmanship of the small factory. In 2020, the label treated itself to a makeover with the arrival of Marina Dias, the founder’s daughter, as artistic director. “Eco-conscious”, as she presents herself, the designer, a graduate of Atelier Chardon Savard, only uses dormant stocks of leather, supplied by fashion and luxury brands, to make her handcrafted bags.

“Most of the time, our models are published in 30 copies, but sometimes, for lack of sufficient quantity, only two or three, if I had a crush on a skin, its grain, its color or its hand” , explains the designer. It also puts on sale at reduced prices accessories under the label ” Second chance “, prototypes or parts that show anomalies after production. “There may be microstains or slightly shifted stitches, small flaws that don’t detract from the character of our bags. The idea is to avoid as much waste as possible,” concludes Marina Dias.

The Cordiz website

Big Words Necklace

Sovramagnificentissimamente necklace, Complicated Words collection, Bangla Begum, €170.

It all started with a phrase uttered by art critic Jean-Yves Jouannais during one of his scholarly performances at the Center Pompidou in Paris. “About a moment of shame he had experienced, he said, ‘I love complicated words: I get a hang of them.’ », remembers Fanny Boucher, who founded the Bangla Begum brand in 2019. The jewelry designer immediately felt the urge to take him at his word. She begins to imagine necklaces made of convoluted and long words, up to 27 characters.

Suspended from jaseron chains, these letters in salvaged brass, mounted then topped with gold or silver in Paris, give birth to “tatramajjhattata” (“inner balance”, in Pali, Buddhist religious language), “flibbertigibbet” (“a frivolous individual to the point of hypnotizing”, in Old English), or “sovramagnificentissimamente” (“beyond the magnificent”, in Italian)… “I like that these terms are obscure, even for those whose mother tongue it is”, she laughs. His next model, arranged from a Turkish word, should reach 37 letters.

Complicated Words necklaces, Bangla Begum, €170.

The wines out of twenty

In the Saumur-Champigny appellation, Jeanne Germain grew up in the family estate of Roches Neuves before creating her own estate, which she works on horseback… In 2019, she released her first wines with her companion, Florent Bouvet. Their Bavardages cuvée 2021, nature, expresses all the crunchiness of the fruit of which a pure Cabernet-Franc is capable. In the northern Rhône, Hugo and Pauline Villa, children of the eponymous Pierre-Jean Villa from the estate renowned for its Condrieu and Saint-Joseph, are releasing their first bottles these days, including Histoire de gosses, a delicious peppery Syrah, both free and framed. We bet it will become their benchmark gun.

Domaine Jeanne Germain, Bavardages, saumur-champigny, red (organic), 2021, €15.

Domaine Hugo and Pauline Villa, Children’s story, Rhone hills, red, 2022, €18. Such. : 04-74-54-41-10.

Walter, the armchair with sea legs

Walter Outfit armchair, by Marc Berthier, 100 numbered copies, Kvan × Berthier, €4,100.

A great sportsman and a figure of French design, Marc Berthier (1935-2022) was first a PE teacher before a short career as a GO at Club Méditerranée in the late 1950s. Having become a designer, the man then always worked on the notions of lightness and versatility of furniture. The Walter Outfit armchair, inspired by boating and seaside atmospheres, synthesizes these two fundamental values ​​in his eyes. A seat, designed in 1980, whose armrests in the shape of a boat’s daggerboard are wide enough to accommodate a drink, a coffee, a book, a notebook, a tablet…

A few weeks before disappearing, in November 2022, while working on its reissue, Marc Berthier confided: “I drew Walter more than forty years ago. Today, I pencil it, I take notes, I think about it almost daily. I still like him, I guess that’s a good sign. » It was his partner, Mikaela Kvan, who materialized the designer’s will by self-publishing this comfortable armchair, produced in Italy by the same manufacturers as at the time.

Walter Outfit armchair, by Marc Berthier, 100 numbered copies, Kvan × Berthier, €4,100.

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