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A high volleyball collection

For Spring-Summer 2023, Margaret Howell is collaborating with British brand Fred Perry for a second time, creating a capsule collection for men and women.

British fashion designer Margaret Howell is teaming up with polo shirt brand Fred Perry (for the second time), as part of a unisex capsule collection. The designer, known for her beautifully crafted, sober and classic duffle coats, rustic knitwear and canvas trousers, adds a more sportswear tone to her creations here. Passionate about athletics since childhood, Margaret Howell, now 76, drew a lot of inspiration from images of athletes in action when she started designing clothes. In the same spirit, she imagined eight pieces, including a fleece tank top, pantsuit-style joggers and a ribbed sweatshirt with a smock collar in a pared-down palette of black, off-white, bark of orange and dark khaki. She had plenty of time to draw from the Fred Perry archives to create this collection of laid-back basics faithful to her “English country” style.

Fred Perry × Margaret Howell collection, spring-summer 2023, from €28 to €210. On sale since June 19.

The slightly cavalier bag

Arçon bag, leather, Hermès.

Recognizable among all, the most famous bags of the Hermès house continue to arouse covetousness after decades of existence and despite the frantic pace of trends. Even for the uninitiated, evoking a Kelly or a Birkin refers both to these models and to the women who inspired them. However, the core business of the French leather goods maker continues to develop with the seasons with new proposals accompanying the ready-to-wear collections. Thus the Arçon bag, unveiled for the first time in October, during the spring-summer fashion show, inspired by the equestrian universe dear to the brand, with its saddle flap shape and its wide stirrup leather buckle to adjust the shoulder strap. In addition to its generous volume and its urban fit, there is an outside pocket and a carabiner that allows you to hang the accessories of your choice.

jewelry poems

Sophie d'Agon x Nina Koltchitskaia

“I have always loved the colorful poetry of his paintings”, summarizes Sophie d’Agon, designer of bohemian and artisanal jewellery, by evoking the Chagall-style decorations of the young painter and illustrator Nina Koltchitskaia, born in Russia and living in Paris. In November 2021, for the opening of the first store, rue de Saintonge (Paris 3e), the second had already produced a flowery fresco. But their dialogue was further deepened this spring, with the introduction of a line of naive yellow gold jewelry that Sophie d’Agon had made based on sketches by Koltchitskaia. “Nina drew in pencil, then together we refined the shape of the stones, the sizes and the engravings, before leaving for Portugal, in the manufacturing workshops with which I work. » Thus were born earrings with pendants in the shape of flowers, a ring set with sapphires and emeralds composed with the symmetry of a French garden, a ring covered with stones like shards of meteorites… Rather than a flash limited edition, the collection, embellished with a silk scarf, is intended to “remain permanently available, delivered to order within five to six weeks”.

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