“Summercamp”, the soundtrack by Rob & Jack Lahana


Rob and Jack Lahana, in their studio in the 10th arrondissement, in Paris, on February 13, 2023.

In the enchanted world of musicians Jack Lahana and Rob, at the heart of the 10e arrondissement of Paris, the brown tones, wood and plywood, the vintage consoles acquired over the years from fetishist collectors of analog sounds evoke a studio ” old “. There are also computers, musical instruments and, among those that Robin Coudert, alias Rob, prefers to use, dozens of synthesizers.

His tall, slender figure with long, brown hair has been walking for years on the stages of the greatest concert halls in the world: traveling companion of the group Phoenix, he has accompanied them on keyboards for more than twenty years. But, if he knows the intoxication of the stadiums, Rob claims his status as an outsider compared to his friends: “International show business, promo plans, the Grammys, I know all of that from Phoenix. But, on my behalf, I prefer to make music without being in the service of the industry. »

Great melodic summer camp

Since the beginning of his career, at the beginning of the 2000s, the 45-year-old musician has signed the soundtrack of nearly forty films (for Rebecca Zlotowski, Alexandre Aja, Vincent Mariette or Nicolas Boukhrief…), and of the series The Bureau of Legends, produced albums (for Alizée, Zaza Fournier or Adanowsky) and released two solo albums. At his side, at the console, Jack Lahana, 45, bearded with a deep voice in which distant Toulouse accents pierce, officiates as sound engineer, arranger, director, mixer… Every morning, the two meet, turn on the computers and sit side by side in front of their workstation: a screen connected to a keyboard, a sort of “four-handed kitchen piano”, summarizes Jack Lahana.

This is how they gave birth to their first album, summercamp, a collection of songs that draw as much from the dynamism of the French touch as from the languorous rhythms of hip-hop, carried by the voices of thirteen guests who sing in French, Italian, English or Arabic, giving the whole great melodic summer camp tunes.

Within the Rob and Jack duo, inspiration and technique flow freely, aided by the flexibility that comes with having their own studio: owners of their means of production, unlike some of their colleagues who are forced to rent he hour of recording spaces, at the helm since 2009 of the Hippocampus studio (which is also the name of their label) the two friends had the luxury of taking advantage of their slow times, between 2019 and 2022, to work on songs good to them.

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