Soaring fees make music festivals pale


Stromae concert, at Madison Square Garden, in New York (United States), November 22, 2022.

With discussions about the stratospheric amount of fees, the excitement was palpable at the International Live Music Conference, which ended on March 3 in London, at the Royal Lancaster Hotel. During this annual meeting where musical tours are organized, more than 1,200 agents, artist managers, producers, tourers, managers of festival or concert hall programming from all over the world negotiated hard.

There is something. Since the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, the rating of artists in concert has exploded. Especially that of the most capped. Stromae filled Madison Square Garden in New York in the blink of an eye for two evenings, at the end of November 2022. Tickets for Bruce Springsteen, expected in mid-May at La Défense Arena in Nanterre, sold out in a few hours. Ditto for Beyoncé’s concert, at the end of May at the Stade de France… At 76, Michel Sardou also sold 100,000 tickets in less than half a day for his return to the stage at the end of 2023-beginning of 2024. The law of supply and demand generates an inflation, rarely equaled, of the salaries of the biggest stars of music.

We must remember the excitement that this same Bruce Springsteen had aroused at the Vieilles Charrues, on July 16, 2009, when, for the first time in France, the fee paid for a concert had crossed the million euro mark… Even if professionals are reluctant to divulge the amount of the contracts, Jules Frutos, co-manager of Alias ​​Production, affirms that it has become impossible to have “an Anglo-Saxon artist below 700,000 euros or 750,000 euros for a concert”, without hiding that “the bar of one million euros is very often exceeded”.

At least 1.5 million euros for Billie Eilish

He who represents The Cure, whose first successes date back to the 1980s, “matches the market”. The price of the performance on stage of this British rock band from Crawley (Sussex) will pass, he says, “from 500,000 euros in 2022 to 700,000 euros in 2024”. The very young American Billie Eilish, who already had eight gold singles and twenty-two platinum in December 2020, at the age of 19, should receive at least 1.5 million euros for her concert at Rock in Seine, in the national domain of Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine), on August 23.

“Prices were pushing up already before the Covid. Since then, the phenomenon has worsened. emphasizes Julien Catala, CEO of the Super! agency, which represents three hundred international artists, including Caroline Polachek.

During the two years of the pandemic, tours came to a standstill, artists received almost nothing, since CD sales revenues have been inexorably dwindling since the early 2000s. And only a handful of stars really earn very much. his life well thanks to streaming. Hence this return to favor of concerts and tours which, for the past dozen years, have become vital for artists, in France and elsewhere.

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