Renovation of churches: towards a possibility of subsidizing the work of post-1905 buildings


The government has authorized the possibility for public authorities to subsidize energy renovation work on buildings owned by worship, Agence France-Presse (AFP) learned from Matignon on Monday March 13, after a meeting with the Conference of Bishops of France (CEF).

“The government has given its agreement in principle to support a legislative change so that public authorities can subsidize energy renovation work carried out in buildings owned by religious associations, built after 1905, for all religions”confirmed the entourage of the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, who received a delegation from the CEF.

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Currently, the municipalities can subsidize this work for religious heritage prior to the 1905 law of separation of Church and State, because this heritage belongs to the municipalities. But “for more recent heritage, dating from after 1905, property of religious associations, the law says that public subsidies are prohibited by default”we clarified.

“Very targeted evolution of the law of 1905”

Gold, “there is an interest, for everyone, to carry out a very targeted evolution of the law of 1905”as was the case in 2022 to make these buildings accessible to people with disabilities, argues the executive.

For energy renovations, are mainly concerned “ancillary buildings”to know “Parish halls, accommodation for ministers of worship”, according to the entourage of Elisabeth Borne. It remains to define the type of public support system for these renovations, it was added. Catholic private education buildings will also be affected, said Vincent Jordy, vice-president of the CEF, who welcomed “the opening of this reflection”.

With regard to religious heritage, the government has undertaken to “continue the ranking dynamic” of this heritage, “and particularly the post-war one”. The ranking paves the way for public funding.

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Another topic of discussion with the CEF, the immigration bill. “We have expressed our attention to ensuring that people, in particular minors, who arrive on national territory can have a path allowing integration, if they are destined to stay on the territory”said Vincent Jordy, of the CEF.

The subject of the end of life and the visit of Pope Francis to Marseilles in the fall were also discussed. Established in 2002, this annual meeting, called “Matignon authority”makes it possible to discuss subjects of common interest between the government and the Catholic Church.

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