Rabih Kayrouz: “There was no real revolution after the Covid crisis. We redo parades as before, we overproduce, we overcreate”


It is 4 p.m. Place Saint-Sulpice, left bank, in Paris. We push the big wooden door, we go up to the fourth floor, we are there. Rabih Kayrouz, who will play the jury this year at the Design Parade festival, from June 23 to 25, in Hyères, welcomes us to his home. An area “simple and functional” who looks like him.

The nearly 50-year-old Franco-Lebanese fashion designer talks about his childhood in a small village north of Beirut with parents who had a taste for clothing and conviviality, the smells of his father’s bakery, the parades discovered on television news , his arrival in Paris at the age of 16, his admiration for the work of Yves Saint Laurent, Yohji Yamamoto or Jean Paul Gaultier, his rediscovery of Beirut in the 1990s when he launched his house, his exploration of ready-to- to wear, his love of the Bauhaus, his fascination for the adventurers who broke codes and more generally for women who remain his first source of inspiration, his passion for classical Renaissance painting and the painful aftermath of the explosion of the port from Beirut.

He also returns at length to the affirmation of his style: “I was very young, I was very intimidated by clients. To seduce them, instead of drawing, I showed the garment. So I draped the fabric directly. I had a first gesture and this gesture made my style. This simplicity and this spontaneity that I had remained. »

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