Pensions: the unions are betting on the repeal text of the reform to prolong the mobilization


Union officials, leading the procession, during International Workers' Day, in Paris, May 1, 2023.

At the time of the vote, it is a voice that will not be counted, but it will weigh on the ballot. On June 8, the deputies of the Freedoms, Independents, Overseas and Territories (LIOT) group will defend in the Hemicycle a bill which intends to repeal the increase in the legal retirement age from 62 to 64 years old – the flagship provision of the reform promulgated on April 14. In addition to the left, the extreme right and right-wing personalities, another force, external to the Palais-Bourbon, supports this initiative: the thirteen organizations of employees and the defense of youth, gathered in an inter-union.

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At the forefront of the conflict against the age measure dictated by the executive, they urge parliamentarians to chorus with elected LIOT. And for their message to be heard, they are calling – for the fourteenth time – on the population to take to the streets, forty-eight hours before the examination of the text.

This rapprochement between members of the national representation and the social movement gives rise to rather unexpected scenes. On May 10, the centrist Charles de Courson and several other LIOT deputies were side by side with Sophie Binet, the general secretary of the CGT, a few strides from the National Assembly. Speaking in front of journalists after a meeting, the protagonists expressed the shared desire to throw retirement at 64 into oblivion.

“Political Shock”

“The LIOT group’s bill constitutes a way out of the crisis from above which would finally make it possible to turn the page”entrust to World Mme Binet. According to her, he was “important to meet” elected members of this formation “in order to know in what circumstances will be voted” their text. It was also about “to question” MPs on the left and on the right to converge with their colleagues.

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The other trade union centers representing the interprofessional level have been or will be invited by Mr. de Courson and his friends. Among them, the CFDT. “We’re almost at the end of the game.indicates its secretary general, Laurent Berger. But the LIOT group offers us additional time. » A sporting metaphor to mean that these parliamentarians are injecting fuel into a protest that was in danger of running out of fuel. “We feel that there is a possibility that this bill will pass”, continues the cedist manager. If that is the case, “it will not abrogate (64 years old), but it will create a political electroshock”from which the power in place will have to draw the following conclusions: “It would be up to the government to understand that it cannot act as if nothing is happening. »

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