Patrick Pesnot, the journalist and former producer of the show “Rendez-vous with X”, is dead


Patrick Pesnot, former producer of the show “Rendez-vous avec X”, died on Monday March 13 at the age of 79, his family announced. At France Inter, the legendary host took care of the cult show for more than eighteen years, from 1997 to 2015.

Every Saturday, from 1:20 p.m. to 2 p.m., Patrick Pesnot unveiled, with his accomplice “Monsieur X”, sometimes presented as a former secret service agent, the more or less sensitive behind-the-scenes affairs that marked the news.

For nearly two decades, the principle of the show has remained unchanged. In the style of a conversation with “Monsieur X”, Patrick Pesnot told amazing stories about the underside of contemporary history. Over time, certain turns of speech of the bewitching “Mister X” have become famous, such as the famous: “Let’s not go too fast”which he skilfully distilled to prolong the suspense.

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Contact a little mysterious

A journalist who worked for radio, television and the written press, Patrick Pesnot was in turn a great reporter, head of news, producer, screenwriter, documentary filmmaker and writer, notably of black series. But by no means a specialist in questions of defense or espionage. “It was because I had this somewhat mysterious contact that I proposed this idea for a program to Inter in 1997”, he explained. A project immediately accepted. And never questioned.

“Must I recognize, to use the quote as famous as it is improbable by the great Flaubert, that ‘Monsieur X, c’est moi’? I won’t, because the part of mystery of this enigmatic “Monsieur X” also made the charm if not the success of this so long program “had conceded Patrick Pesnot during the last broadcast, June 20, 2015, can we read on the site of France Inter.

“I made the decision to quit”he specified to Sonia Devillers, at the end of June 2015. During an issue of “L’Instant M”, he had been the guest of the show face to face with the famous “Monsieur X”, who was actually, and from the beginning, an actor who interpreted the question-and-answer game written by the team of “Appointment with X”.


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