Go Sport: legal imbroglio around the fate of the sign


The 2,160 employees of Go Sport will still have to wait. The Grenoble commercial court decided on three dismissals, Wednesday, March 15, in the examination of the sporting goods brand owned by the Bordeaux businessman Michel Ohayon and placed in receivership in January.

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On March 29, the judges will rule on the prosecution’s request, presented orally at the hearing on Monday March 13, and supported by the representatives of the Go Sport staff, who oppose the maintenance of the representatives of Mr. Ohayon at the head of the company. The prosecutor then asked to modify the mission of the judicial administrators appointed in January so that they “totally represent society”.

Since the order of the group’s receivership, the firms FHB in Lyon and AJP in Grenoble had only “for mission to assist the debtor in all acts concerning the management”. But, since then, the attitude of the shareholder, who is opposed to this receivership procedure and has appealed against it, raises “questions”reports someone close to the case, lamenting “His hindrance to the work of judicial administrators” to find buyers.

“Making Cash Flows Explained”

The managing director of Go Sport, Patrick Puy, appointed in January, was dismissed on Thursday March 9. Twenty-four hours later, on the day of the deadline for offers to take over the company, Hermione People & Brands, Michel Ohayon’s company which owns the brand, expressed to Agence France-Presse its intention to present a “business continuation plan in the context of receivership”. Without giving up its appeal procedure. This continuation plan should then, in accordance with the Commercial Code, be examined as a priority, before the takeover offers filed on Friday March 10.

Therefore, the judges of the commercial court decided to rule fifteen days later, on April 18, in the morning, on the adoption of such a recovery plan and, in the afternoon, to examine the adoption of a recovery plan. In the meantime, the court has appointed a legal expert “to explain the cash flows” group Go Sport “which precede the opening of the procedure” of judicial redress.

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The national court in charge of the fight against organized crime (Junalco) is in charge of an investigation into the companies of the Financière immobilière bordelaise, holding company of Mr. Ohayon, following a preliminary investigation opened in November 2022 by the prosecution. from Grenoble to “abuse of social good”. Specialized magistrates are interested in “disbursements relating to non-recurring items for an amount of 36.3 million euros” revealed by KPMG and Ernst & Young, auditors of Go Sport. On January 19, the judges of the Grenoble Commercial Court declared Groupe Go Sport insolvent given a liability of 14 million euros.


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