Gigi Hadid, the heiress of the “top models”


In the 1990s, a few young women, including Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell or Claudia Schiffer, attracted all eyes. They were models and, while their elders of previous decades remained silent, now they were invited to television programs and gave interviews in the press. Like any stars.

Gigi Hadid, 27, is undoubtedly a contemporary heiress to those who were once nicknamed the “top models”. She is famous, very famous even. But her notoriety is not only due to her modeling career, to the fact that she parades for the most prominent brands or that she poses for the most respected magazines. If Gigi Hadid pleases so much, it is because she embodies something of the time, with her relaxation and a form of banter.

As few gimmicks as possible

For the Special Fashion issue of M The magazine of the World, on newsstands on Friday March 3, she worked with French photographer Karim Sadli and American stylist Carlos Nazario, who wanted to stage her with as little artifice as possible. A form of counterpoint since, a priori, the young woman is not associated with the idea of ​​naturalness… She indeed comes from a world that is flashy to say the least. She has childhood friends Kylie and Kendall Jenner, half-sisters of Kim Kardashian. She is the mother of a child she had with Zayn Malik, member of the boy band One Direction, parties with singers Rihanna or Dua Lipa.

Viscose dress, polyamide and elastane bra, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.

Above all, she is very present on social networks, with nearly 77 million subscribers on Instagram. Some of her relatives, also models, are also very popular: her sister Bella (57 million subscribers), her friends Kendall Jenner (277 million) and Hailey Bieber (50 million). A form of omnipresence which undoubtedly explains the success of all these young women with luxury houses, which see them less as simple models than as ambassadors with a notoriety equaling, if not exceeding, that of actresses or singers. famous.

With her community on Instagram, Gigi Hadid shares the images of a daily life essentially made up of photo shoots and trips with friends on the beaches of California. And her notoriety continues to grow: from this weekend, will be broadcast on Netflix season 2 of “Next in Fashion”, a designer contest of which she is co-host.

From her real name Jelena Noura Hadid, the one who has been nicknamed “Gigi” since childhood is the daughter of Mohamed Hadid, a real estate magnate born in Palestine then under British mandate. He was born a few months after the creation of Israel in 1948, and his family took refuge in Syria, Tunisia and Greece, before settling in the United States. He will make a fortune there, embodying a perfect example of American success. His two model daughters also display unfailing support for the Palestinian cause – Bella, however, being the most committed to this issue.

Gigi Hadid’s mother is Yolanda van den Herik, a Dutch model based in Los Angeles. It was on the occasion of the reality TV show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, a program following the daily life of wealthy idle Californians (similar to the famous series devoted to the Kardashian family), including her mother, that Gigi Hadid has become known to the general public.

The show showed her settling in New York, after graduating from Malibu High School, and her first steps into modeling. Very quickly, the attention of the fashion industry focused on her. Reality TV has been forgotten and has become an emblematic face of luxury, which constantly needs the showcase of social networks. As a metaphor for current pop culture.

Net cotton knit bodysuit and polyamide jersey leggings, Raf Simons.  Personal shoes.
Viscose dress, polyamide and elastane bra and panties, Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello.
Wool bodysuit with buttoned panties, Marc Jacobs.  Polyamide fishnet tights, Calzedonia.
Opposite page, camel hair blazer, cotton bra and panties, Miu Miu.
Draped viscose bodysuit, Ferragamo.
Silk jacquard bodysuit, Hermès.
Long-sleeved top and bodysuit with thin straps, in silk tulle embroidered with rhinestones, Giorgio Armani.  Cotton bra, Intimissimi.  Personal shoes.
Silk jacquard bodysuit, Hermès.
Model: Gigi Hadid @IM – Stylist assistants: Sofia Amaral, Max Weinstein and Caden Swift – Photographer assistants: Antoni Ciufo, Olimpia Rende, Pulkit Mishra – Hairstyle: Damien Boissinot @Art + Commerce, assisted by Ubu Nagano – Makeup: Diane Kendal @Art Partner, assisted by Paloma Romo – Manicure: Dawn Sterling @EDMA World – Scenography: Whitney Hellesen @Webber, assisted by Dave Caddo and Zach Maruskin – Digital Operator: Aurentin Girad @Imagin Paris – Tailor: Jacqui Bennett @CArol ai Tailors studio – Production: Kevin Isabelle and TJ Silon @Rosco Production, assisted by Holly Brennan, Avery Savage and Francis Hernandez – Casting: Piergiorgio Del Moro.


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