“Free fall”: a senior executive at Pôle emploi


The silence after the explosion. François Marot finds himself one day at home, in the middle of the week, in the calm of his house. A first in thirty-five years, he recalls. The hectic life he led until then has suddenly come to an end. The editor-in-chief had to pack up and quit his business. It has been decided ” to put an end to (their) collaboration. It’s the seat that demands it”his supervisor told him.

Alone in the family home, he “measure(e) what comes from (him) arrive. Dismissal is a grenade that blows you in the face. With immediate injuries, more or less deep, and collateral damage caused by the blast effect.. In Free falla book published by Chemins de traverse, the journalist tells the story of a year of unemployment, where hopes and disillusions alternate and where the feeling of social downgrading seems omnipresent.

The experience described is that of a “diving into the unknown”. A distressing situation from which we thought we were safe until then. Training at Harvard, the position of leader are only distant memories. We must now take the path of the Pôle emploi agency in the neighborhood and try to understand its sometimes Kafkaesque functioning, go ” sell “ in “senior forums” with other companions in misfortune or even go through the advertisements and multiply the sending of CVs.

Evolution of the gaze of others

In this new environment, there are many pitfalls: we let ourselves be carried away by the bewitching song of hucksters offering reintegration programs, we accept an unpaid and undeclared internship, hoping to get back on track. And we respond positively to new acquaintances who offer you to invest in badly put together and dead end professional projects. “The anxieties generated by unemployment: fear of losing control and never finding anything again, fear of being forgotten, fear of having nothing to tell the children, those around you, fear of not having any more money , make you jump on any project, however wackyrecognizes Mr. Marot. And working for free is always working. »

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Another test: the view of others is changing. Starting with that of family and friends. “The lightness often disappears, giving way to an embarrassed worry”, explains the author. Bonds are distended, tensions can be born. Professional exchanges are also no longer the same. In his quest for employment, the author may have encountered signs of infantilization and condescension. What to return him with constancy to his status of unemployed.

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