For the Cannes Film Festival, Agnès B. releases her Cahiers


Agnes bx Les Notebooks du cinema

This year, on the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival, the stylist Agnès B., passionate and patron of the seventh art, created a T-shirt illustrated with one of the covers of the Cinema notebooks. “Editor Christian Bourgois, my first husband, made me love cinema. We watched two films a night at La Pagode, Balzac, L’Arlequin… He bought the Notebooks and read them diligently! The “ones” were always pleasant”, explains Agnes B.

It is that of number 791, in homage to Jean-Luc Godard, which was chosen. “We were carried away by the shock caused by the death of the filmmaker (in September 2022), so essential for the review and so fundamental for our cinephilia, but also for art in general, says Marcos Uzal, editor-in-chief of Notebooks. On the cover: just a photo, his name and a yellow background, the emblematic color of the first period of the magazine, when he was one of its sharpest and freest feathers. » It is also, he adds, “a nod to the t-shirt of the New York Herald Tribune What does Jean Seberg wear in Breathless. »

T-shirt Cahiers du cinema, agnès b., €95. on sale on the site, in stores and during the festival in the agnès b. pop-up. on the cruise.

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