Fashionable porthole glasses


Condensing the spirit of an architectural project in a pair of sunglasses is the bet of designer Aude Herouard. This former optician has set her sights on La Maison de la Musique, a multicultural complex located in Aalborg, Denmark. The space, half school, half concert hall, inaugurated in 2014, was designed by the Austrian firm Coop Himmelb (l) au, a figurehead of experimental architecture. “I like its raw aspect, its absence of superficiality. Everything seems functional and efficient. This is how I like to work on the design of my frames, combining aesthetics and practicality,” explains this daughter of Norman farmers, flax producers, who lives not far from the cliffs of Etretat.

Facade of the House of Music, in Aalborg, Denmark.
Sunglasses Amélie, Aude Herouard

Its glasses are made of organic acetate – a mixture of wood pulp, cotton fiber and binders of natural origin – in Normandy, in a factory located in Guichainville, near Evreux. To imagine this model of mixed sunglasses, available in a milky color, a slightly pinkish white, she was inspired by portholes, streaked with straight lines and surrounded by ovoid shapes. “The glasses recall the circular and soft shape of the windows, the strict lines of the building are found in the very straight branches of the models and their facets in relief”, continues the designer, who will launch her first eyeglasses in September.

Amélie model, milk colour, €390.

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