“Esterno notte”, “Happy Valley”, “Blackport”, “Ted Lasso”: our series ideas



Catherine Cawood, played by Sarah Lancashire, in season 3 of “Happy Valley”.

This may be the approach of Series Mania, whose 2023 edition will open on March 17, but the supply of quality series is pressing. Between the masterpiece that Marco Bellocchio presented last year at Cannes, the conclusion of Sergeant Catherine Cawood’s harrowing tribulations and the discovery of a piece of contemporary Icelandic history, will we have time to reconnect with Ted Lasso?

“Esterno notte”: the mystery of the Passion of Aldo Moro

Twenty years after the feature film Buongiorno, note, Marco Bellocchio returns to those days in the spring of 1978 which saw the kidnapping and assassination of Aldo Moro, president of the Italian Christian Democracy, by the Red Brigades. The dramatic power of this new story of a case already told in all narrative forms, from novel to documentary, makesEsterno note a rare object in the episodic domain: a masterpiece.

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Each episode of this series, each part of this long film, shifts the point of view, without losing the chronological thread: Interior Minister Francesco Cossiga (Fausto Russo Alesi), Pope Paul VI (Toni Servilio), Eleonora Moro (Margherita Buy), take turns in the foreground. Whereas, with its extracts from Soviet archives, Buongiorno, note revolved around the genealogy of the Red Brigades, Esterno note explores the Catholic heart of most of the protagonists – including the young brigadist played by Daniela Marra – and the religious dimension of the rituals they perform. Bellocchio draws on an imaginary that goes from Fra Angelico to Pasolini, to express the never appeased pain of a divided country right down to the heart of each of its citizens. T.S.

SSeries directed by Marco Bellocchio. With Fabrizio Gifuni, Margherita Buy, Toni Servillo, Fausto Russo Alesi, Daniela Marra (Italy/France, 2022). Available on arte.tv on demand.

“Happy Valley”: the heroic retirement of Sergeant Catherine Cawood

Taking advantage of the seven-year hiatus that separates this third and final season from the previous one, Sally Wainwright, creator of what, at first glance, looks like a British detective series, brings the trajectory of its protagonist to an end. If we have already seen the first two seasons of Happy Valley (and we have every interest in doing so, they are available on myCanal), we already know that this policewoman in uniform is raising her grandson Ryan (Rhys Connah, who we discovered as a child, who we find as a teenager) , born from the rape of Catherine’s daughter by Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton), a sociopath who is aging behind bars at the start of the season. Happy Valley respects, celebrates, even, the rules of the detective genre.

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