“Can we be satisfied with only beginning to live when work stops? »


NOTCan your professional life reasonably be anything other than a bad time to pass before the liberation brought by retirement? “You are stealing two years of our life from us”, we hear in the processions against the pension reform. Can we be satisfied with only beginning to live when work stops?

Regardless of the nature of the work performed, professional life is experienced as a stressful, frustrating and anxiety-provoking experience by most employees. Daily life at work is felt as a burden that prevents them from being truly free, proud and accomplished. Employees are dependent. They cannot choose their schedules, their places of work, their ways of working.

All activities are subject to the authorization or refusal of a leader. And for good reason: the major management principles in which almost all employees evolve today were thought out more than a hundred years ago. This era required the commissioning of low-skilled workers dedicated to performing simple and repetitive tasks. This vision was based on a strict hierarchical line and the separation between decision and action, between the head and the legs: everything that frustrates and annoys today’s employees.

A more accepted dissonance between personal life and work life

However, our daily lives, our needs and our expectations have completely changed. This type of management has become incompatible with any form of fulfillment, freedom of movement and search for meaning, for a more educated and more autonomous population, and for an era that requires more adaptability at all levels.

Employees no longer want to put up with their lives at work. The classic management model is a rigid model, weighed down with constraints and injunctions, in which personal life and values ​​are at worst invisible, at best adjustment variables. It is no longer conceivable today that we are not as free in our actions in our professional lives as in our personal lives.

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This dissonance is no longer accepted. There are those waiting for it to pass, with more and more employees now assuming silent disengagement. Indeed, disengaging is ultimately a way of regaining a form of mental freedom. And then there are those who resign to reorient themselves in the craft trades or for independent status.

Employees as responsible adults

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