Aya Nakamura entertains her “girlfriends” during her concert at the Accor Arena


Aya Nakamura, at the Accor Arena, in Paris, on May 26, 2023.

Two rooms, two atmospheres. Friday, May 26, the multi-award-winning American singer Beyoncé sparkled at the Stade de France, and the most popular French-speaking artist in the world, Aya Nakamura, began her series of three sold-out concerts at the Accor Arena in Paris. But comparison is not right. They don’t have the same careers: four albums for the Frenchwoman, double that for the American, obviously not the same voice, the same experience or the same audience. On Friday night, Queen B fans of all ages and genders donned the brightest clothes; Saturday, those of Nakamura, mostly very young women, opted for the color black, sexy outfits that hug the shapes, from leather pants to the low-cut bust. THE “go”, as Aya calls them, went out with friends, ready to keep the memory of their evening. Some even bought portable lights to be able to film themselves properly in the stands dancing, others learned to master all the video effects of their smartphones.

The author of Djadja had prepared well, knowing that she was expected on her ability to hold a show of an hour and a half, to sing in tune… Many made fun of her on her elastic French but even more on her first performances at festivals. The daughter of a cherry who grew up in Aulnay-sous-bois in Seine-Saint-Denis is certainly more of an ambianceuse than a great soul or R’n’B singer, but she knows how to sing the treble, take a cappella hit without shaking and, above all, she does not sing in playback on a soundtrack like the majority of her fellow rappers today.

A show held by a master’s hand

Proof of her involvement: on May 11, during the Flames ceremony, where she was crowned female singer of the year, the artist could not receive the prize in person because she had already left for the rehearsals of her tour for the album. DNK and his famous Parisian concerts, the places of which were sold out in a few hours. On stage, she surrounded herself with very good musicians, in particular the percussionist Guilherme Alvarez, the real backbone of the show. You have to see them perform two Afro-jazz songs, the time the singer goes from a short yellow dress to strapless pants all in white, in front of an audience who obviously did not come for them.

Aya Nakamura plays her part, moving calmly, sometimes surrounded by a few male dancers, communicating effectively with the “girlfriends” of the public, who know everything about the lyrics, his repertoire, the hits Pookie, pretty girl with lesser-known titles like crowned head, singing from start to finish without ever covering the voice of the one who tells her love stories where she falls “love of a thug”where she puts immature little machos in their place who annoy her with their ” behavior “. To link the pieces, she is often satisfied with an effective “Should we move on? », continues with a “I knew I was going to set the fire but not like this. Now we’re going to slow down.”

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