Artificial intelligence also invites itself into fashion shows


The parade of Dan Edri (Israel, 39 years old).

And one more fashion week! While the luxury giants have resumed their pre-pandemic habits of a plethora of presentations around the world – Chanel is set to present its cruise show in Los Angeles on May 9, Louis Vuitton will unveil its own on May 24 in Italy , Gucci will show a pre-fall collection in Seoul on May 16… – a new kind of “fashion week” took place in New York on April 20 and 21. The first fashion week entirely created using artificial intelligence (AI) software took place, in the form of an exhibition open to the public, in the premises of Spring Studios, in Manhattan, where there are usually many “real” parades.

Imagined by the creative agency Maison Meta, which has nothing to do with Instagram or Facebook but also specializes in new technologies, the event took the form of a competition open to all. ” More than 350 participants registered, from all walks of life. We have selected 200 whose projects are still visible on our website. Among them, of course, fashion designers or design students, but not only. We have a lawyer, engineers and of course many developers in the artificial intelligence sector. The ages of the participants range from 18 to 68, with a large majority of women explains Cyril Foiret, a Frenchman living in New York, founder of Maison Meta.

Just like in other areas where AI is involved, the fashion photos provided by these new genre stylists are hyper-realistic. The atmosphere of the parades is perfectly recreated there, with sometimes grandiloquent decorations – giant dinosaurs, beaches with immaculate white sand or even a greenhouse full of flowers – and first rows larger than life, including Anna Wintour.

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How to play to this point with reality? ” The candidates worked with different software, the most common being Midjourney or Stable Diffusion, then they refined their vision thanks to Photoshop “, details Cyril Foiret. In fact, it is a question of describing as precisely as possible to the computer what you want, with keywords – an atmosphere, inspirations, effects of materials, cuts of clothes… –, and to add a selection of images, like a mood board.

Odd Floating and Draping Handbags

Each fashion show displayed on the event’s website also presents the candidate’s profile (age and nationality) as well as a description of their collection. The graphic designer and photographer Alexis Duku, a 33-year-old Frenchman, thus offers a collection madmax of 23 silhouettes, inspired by great designers from all walks of life, imagined as an exploration of the color black, a return to basics, an ode to color that is not one “, he explains on the site of the event. Anastasiya Rogozhina, a 27-year-old Russian who creates digital content, offers a richly worked collection, with jackets entirely embroidered in gold, inspired by the opulence of Versailles.

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