A new audit overwhelms the management methods of Lise Boëll at Plon


The headquarters of the Editis group, in April 2008.

The conclusions of “the analysis of a sensitive situation within the Plon house (Editis group)” written by the firm of experts in psychological health at work Stimulus seem particularly alarming on the management of Lise Boëll. This historical editor of Eric Zemmour and Philippe de Villiers was however dubbed, Friday March 3, by the management of Editis (Vivendi, Bolloré group) as the sole and unique boss at the head of Plon, obtaining preference over her rival Céline Thoulouze, who led the other historic team from the same house. For eighteen months, Plon had been split into two (Plon A and Plon B), each entity having its own teams, premises and authors.

This confidential document – ​​made public by Mediapart Friday, March 10 and The world was able to consult – had indeed been returned orally on Wednesday 1er March to the members of the steering committee and to Guillaume Dervieux, Deputy Director for Strategy and Transformation and Director of Literature at Editis.

Thirty-six of the thirty-seven employees were interviewed individually as part of this survey carried out following two alerts, one from the social and economic committee of Editis, the other from occupational medicine. It shows “factors of suffering identified for the two teams (those of Lise Boëll and Céline Thoulouze) having repercussions on their working conditions and their psychological health”.

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“The Cyril Hanouna of publishing”

A first survey established by the Nayan firm in November 2021 on the management of Lise Boëll and her two deputies already mentioned “repeated humiliations in public”, “infantilization”of “disparagement”a “questioning of professional skills”, a “lack of clarification on management”, “disorganization of work”, A “authoritarian and centralized management” or “requests made within untenable deadlines”. Serious accusations but Lise Boëll, who had been clearly threatened with dismissal upon receipt of this first audit, had been supported in extremis by Arnaud de Puyfontaine, chairman of the Vivendi management board. It was he who initially imposed her on the head of Plon.

Things haven’t changed much. In the latest study, Céline Thoulouze’s historic Plon (Plon A) team claims that “this two-headed house generates incoherent internal competition” in terms of editorial lines, but also vis-à-vis booksellers, fairs, representatives and authors. They judge that Lise Boëll is “in a situation of complete impunity”, “that she is untouchable”, going so far as to be identified as “the Cyril Hanouna of publishing”. The direction of Editis is singled out as having “created a situation (Who) did considerable damage.. The firm notes that Plon A has opted for a strategy of “protection of the collective”, employees supporting each other to face Plon B, considered a threat.

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